Last night Anglican Bishop N.T. Wright made an appearance on Comedy Central’s, The Colbert Report.  For many, Colbert and his “news” show are entertaining and wildly popular.  For me, I’m still undecided on Colbert’s witty, (dis)respectful, (semi)funny interviews and commentary.

To sum up last night: First, Colbert, a Roman Catholic, quipped about not debating “the whole Henry thing,” a reference to King Henry VIII.  The two then discussed Wright’s book, Surprised by Hope.  In the book Wright argues for Christians to revisit their idea of heaven.  Specifically, Wright argues that heaven is just the first phase of life after death.  Later, he states, a new heaven follows the first heaven.  Wright claims that Christians are able to build/participate/prepare/contribute to the new heaven by doing things such as feeding the hungry and serving the poor.  Furthermore, this ‘building’ activity is made possible because of God’s desire to re-create the heavens and earth, a mission God initiated and enacted through Jesus.  Obviously, Wright’s argument has more dimensions and nuances than this, but that is why he wrote the book after all!

One of Colbert’s most interesting lines came in his response to Wright’s urging to revisit our idea of heaven.  Colbert joked, “My idea of heaven is getting a harp, drinking a mint julep and asking Ronald Reagan questions.”  Furthermore, the interview included references to Hilary Clinton, golf, Plato, obesity, and population crowding.

While I enjoy Wright and his work, I’m still unsure of Colbert.  What do you think of Colbert and his treatment of Wright and other things religious?  What about Wright’s claims and beliefs?