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On! On! UK…and Jodie Meeks

Awww…these are the days of old….when UK basketball used to lead Sportscenter regularly.  I’ve missed these good ol’ times.  Last night, Jodie Meeks did his part to highlight the goodness that is UK basketball.

In case you missed it, last night Kentucky Wildcat Jodie Meeks went wild against the Tennessee Volunteers.  Meeks’ performance last night was one of the best individual games I have ever seen in my 24 years as a blue-blooded Kentucky fan.

Since good news and national coverage of the Kentucky camp has been rare in recent years, I have enjoyed spending this morning reading up on everthing Jodie Meeks…Kentucky…and Greatness!

Here’s a few of the best pieces:

Meeks puts on show for the ages by Pat Forde (ESPN)

UK’s Meeks scores in spotlight by Eric Crawford (Louisville Courier-Journal)

Meeks’ shots were destined for bottom of hoop by Jon Clay (Lexington Herald-Leader)

Magical night for Meeks by Bill Trocchi (Sports Illustrated)

Kentucky’s Meeks has our attention now by Josh Herwitt (Fox Sports)

Kentucky Sports Radio


Kentucky Wildcats finally win one!

UK logoRecently, NBC Sports ranked the “greatest college basketball programs of all time.”  Who is #1?  My beloved Kentucky Wildcats!  As a die-hard, blue-blooded, Kentucky Wildcat fan(atic) let me say this: this is the best “victory” we’ve gotten in awhile.

Hey, after loses to Gardner-Webb, VMI, Houston, San Diego, etc…in the past two years, I”ll take the wins wherever I can get them. 

On, On, UK!

Anticipating Church & Baseball

In the past week I have experienced two unbelievable baseball games.  Last Saturday night Miranda, my brother, his girlfriend, and I watched a back-and-forth battle between the Durham Bulls and Rochester.  The game was filled with excitement and many interesting twists.  In the end, the visiting Rochester team pulled out the victory in 13 innings.  Similarly, last night’s Major League All-Star game provided its own drama.  Lasting until 2 a.m., the All-Star game finally ended after 15 innings.  Again, like the Durham game, the All-Star game featured clutch performances, spectacular plays, and great entertainment.  As I sat in the stands in Durham, and on my couch last night, I thought to myself, “This is why we watch sports.  We want to be entertained, amazed, and impressed.”  There’s something special about getting caught up in the moments of sports.  Yes, the games may be trivial, but our emotions are usually genuine.  At times, baseball games may be dull and boring; but it is also possible that we might witness something spectacular.  And it is this anticipation–our hope to see something unique–that keeps us going to sporting events.

Last night, while watching the intense baseball game, my mind shifted to church.  I wondered, “Why do we go to church?  Why do we get up early on Sunday mornings?”  I believe the answer is similar to that of baseball: Anticipation.

We go to sporting events with the anticipation that we will be amazed.  Likewise, we go to church anticipating an experience with God.  We go to church not knowing exactly what to expect, but confident that we will encounter God’s presence and holiness.  We go to church anticipating what God has in store for us.  We sit in the pews seeking an amazing, powerful, and moving experience.    We sing.  We pray.  We fellowship.  We read God’s Word.  We go to church to offer praise, to worship, to experience God, and to be inspired.  God’s presence, God’s power, and God’s grace draws us in hopeful anticipation to church every Sunday morning.  The anticipation of encountering our Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer….this is why we get up early on Sundays to go to church.

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