Saturday evening I found myself watching tv with two individuals who are, at best, remotely Christian.  In fact, one told me earlier in the day that he didn’t want to come to my church the following morning because “people like David [me] are all liars.”  Okay, at least I knew exactly where he stood!  Anyways, that evening the three of us settled into the living room and began watching a show on the History Channel called Decoding the Past.  Specifically, the show explored the various apocalyptic traditions of people/groups such as Merlin and the Mayans.  I would not normally watch this kind of show, but I figured it might be informative and provoke some interesting conversation.

For the first hour and a half, the two persons who joined me in the room were engrossed in the program.  Nodding, commenting, and agreeing with the show’s description of Merlin’s and the Mayan’s apocalyptic views, the two were on the edge of their seats.  Until…..a teaser before a commercial break announced that the next apocalyptic tradition to be discussed would be from “the most quoted, sought-after, and accurate apocalyptic work in history: The Holy Bible.”  Upon the mention of the Bible, the two other individuals vanished.  Gone.  Out of the room.  Suddenly uninterested.

Why?  What is it about people that make them so hostile to any sort of Christian perspective?  Or maybe, what is it about Chrisitanity that creates such hostility?  Why, at the mere mention of anything Christian-related, do some people shrink away?  Of course, I don’t think Merlin or the Mayans got their apocalypse “right,” but I will at least listen.  Why is this “courtesy” not often reciprocated?