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Do you have any interests or hobbies that others might find interesting? Is there something you enjoying doing that might surprise even your closest friends and family? For example, maybe you like older, classic movies and t.v. shows. Perhaps you like to read comic books. Or maybe you enjoy playing golf. Maybe you like to follow politics. Has it ever happened to you that this “information” becomes public?

The other day, I found myself in this situation. After class some friends and I were talking, and I made a jazz music reference. “Jazz music!?!” they said. “You listen to jazz? You, the guy from Kentucky that is always singing Johnny Cash and George Strait tunes, likes jazz?” Well, yeah, actually I do.

Isn’t it funny when people try to put your personality or interests into one neatly arranged box? All around us people try to fit us with one-size-fits-all labels. Southerner. Country folk. Urbanite. Conservative. Liberal. Sports Fanatic. TV Junkie. Labels surround us in our family, with our friends, and at work. However, I’m not sure I like having to fit into another person’s single label for me. Why can’t I be a southerner who likes country music and jazz music. In fact, the more I think about such labels, I realize I’m only comfortable with one label: Christian


The Joy of Relationships

Therefore encourage one another and build up each other, as indeed you are doing.
— 1 Thessalonians 5:11

The other day my friends and I gathered around the table to eat lunch together; and as we shared our jokes and stories I began to see how God was working in this situation. We were opening up to one another. We were telling personal stories. We were making fun of each other, a sure sign of camaraderie!

On my drive home I thought about my lunch hour, and realized how different it was from our lunches back during the first weeks of school in August. Tension, uneasiness, and anxiety made the air heavy during those days. All the new classmates “sized up” the others. We formed opinion, judgments, and stereotyped one another.

However, one semester into school, our relationships are quite different. We have laughed together, studied together, struggled together, and even played sports together. Now, life at school is different. We are all beginning to see each other in different lights. The individuals and relationships that started as hesitant, unsure, and loosely bound entities have developed into confident and trusting friendships. In fact, it might be more appropriate to call our togetherness a community— a community of friendships in which we feel comfortable sharing not only our joys, but our fears and pains as well.

I pray that Shiloh also experiences this type of community. I pray that we are a community with God at the center, and everyone rallying around God and one another. I pray that our fellowship helps build up one other spiritually, emotionally, and in Christ’s image. I hope we can share our fears, pains, and joys with one another knowing that we are all Christian brothers and sisters. I pray that we are a family.

In the short time I have been as Shiloh, I certainly have experienced a loving, Christian community. You have made me feel like one of the family. How blessed you and I are to have such a wonderful, God-centered community to help us on our Christian journeys.

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